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was found in a new study to ameliorate cartilage degradation in a rat arthritis model. The study, performed with Stratum Nutrition’s NEM ingredient, was the first to show this effect, the company said.




Key Characteristics: • Appearance: Off-white to tan powder • Taste Profile: Mild • Odor Profile: Mild • Particle Size, Retained on #60 Mesh: 5% • Tapped density: 0.7 g/cc • Loose density: 0.5 g/cc • Stability: Stable under normal room temperature conditions • Shelf life: 3 years • Possible Applications: Capsules, tablets, powder mixes, sachets, gels, gummies, chewables, effervescent tablet
Key Benefits: • Fast-acting • Small daily dose (500 mg) • Made in the USA • Manufactured in FDA-inspected, NSF-certified GMP facilities • Renewable, Sustainable • Traceable • Safe (Self-affirmed GRAS) • Non-GMO • Halal & Kosher certified • Shellfish free
Suggested Claims: Pain

NEM® may help promote joint flexibility NEM® may help reduce joint stiffness in 4 days
NEM® supports a healthy, balanced inflammatory response
Mechanism of action studies suggest that NEM® may help reduce cartilage degradation associated with normal wear and tear NEM® helps support joint health* NEM® naturally contains many of the same key nutrients found in healthy joint cartilage including glycosaminoglycans (chondroitin & hyaluronic acid), collagen, and peptides
Only one capsule a day provides pain relief.(1-5) 1 Capsule
One powerful ingredient provides 3 x the benefits. 1 Ingredient
Is all it takes to experience reduced joint stiffness.(1) 4 Days
Experience pain relief in a fast 7-10 days.(1-5) 7-10 Days
NEM® may help provide a rapid reduction of joint pain within 7-10 days

NEM® may help reduce exercise-induced joint pain* NEM® may help reduce joint aches and pains


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