About NEM®

NEM® Brand Eggshell Membrane

NEM® brand eggshell membrane has been shown in human clinical trials to help DEFEND healthy joints against Pain, Stiffness and Cartilage Degradation Defense is key to long-term joint health for those involved in exercise activities, whether taking on a half marathon, or giving piggy-back rides to their kids in the yard. More and more health-conscious individuals feeling occasional aches and pains are looking for a natural alternative to reach for – something to use proactively that will not only support joint flexibility quickly, but also protect their future joint health.

The joint health market is no longer targeting Baby Boomers alone. According to Natural Products Insider , younger generations’ interest in taking joint health products has increased as they want to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle. Nutrition Industry Executive further quotes, “Younger consumers are looking for ways to alleviate joint pain so they can keep up their normal exercise routines. And others are looking for ways to prevent themselves from having problems down the road. Be aware of a esports betting offers

interest in joint health products has increased as a protective measure versus facing expensive medical issues down the road.

Natural Products Insider

General Information

Key Characteristics

  • Appearance: Off-white to tan powder
  • Taste Profile: Mild
  • Odor Profile: Mild
  • Particle Size, Retained on #60 Mesh: 5%
  • Tapped density: 0.7 g/cc
  • Loose density: 0.5 g/cc
  • Stability: Stable under normal room temperature conditions
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Possible Applications: Capsules, tablets, powder mixes, sachets, gels, gummies, chewables, effervescent tablet

Key Benefits

  • Fast-acting
  • Small daily dose (500 mg)
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured in FDA-inspected, NSF-certified GMP facilities
  • Renewable, Sustainable
  • Traceable
  • Safe (Self-affirmed GRAS)
  • Non-GMO
  • Halal & Kosher certified
  • Shellfish free
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